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About Isaac Silber

Isaac is a passionate collaborator, who loves to use his skills in music production, composition and performance to support and enhance artistic projects of all kinds. 

Isaac is currently a 5th year PhD candidate in Performance Studies at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where he focuses on studying the aesthetics and politics of underground electronic music production and performance in relation to black radical feminist and queer or color critiques of the individual western subject of racial capitalism. 

My latest projects

Recent Projects

"rattleship" Music Video

This music video was a collaboration with videographer Michelle Black for the song "rattleship" off of my debut solo album groundswell

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  • YouTube  |  610-613-9826

Non-Binary Pussy by Anh Vo

This video is the culmination of a collaborative project I worked on with Anh Vo, called Non-Binary Pussy. I produced, recorded, mixed and mastered the music for this visual EP. 

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